Postdoctoral Fellow Housing

Incoming Postdoctoral Fellows are eligible to apply for Mount Sinai Housing.

All of our housing accommodations are located within easy walking distance of Mount Sinai Hospital. There is a wide range of amenities (restaurants, Central Park, public transportation, etc) in the surrounding neighborhoods of New York City.

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Real Estate Division
1249 Park Avenue, 1st Floor
New York, New York 10029
Tel: 212-659-9630
Fax: 212-831-3093
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Office Hours
Monday - Friday, 9 AM - 5 PM

Maintenance Emergencies

In the event of a maintenance EMERGENCY situation during regular office hours, contact the Real Estate Division front desk. After hours, notify Rose Associates Emergency Number at 1-800-862-1674. You can also call the Mount Sinai operator at
212-241-6500 during off-hours.

BuildingLink website (current tenants)

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Typical Floor Plans
3 E 101st [PDF]
1245 Park Ave [PDF]
1249 Park Ave [PDF]
306 E 96th [PDF]
333 E 93rd [PDF]
1740 Second Ave [PDF]
1391 Madison Ave [PDF]

96th Street Group
57 E 96th [PDF]
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97th Street Group
51 E 97th [PDF]
61 E 97th [PDF]
52-58 E 97th [PDF]
64 E 97th [PDF]
65 E 97th [PDF]
67 E 97th [PDF]
68 E 97th [PDF]
69 E 97th [PDF]
71 E 97th [PDF]
72 E 97th [PDF]

Madison Ave Group
40 E 98th [PDF]
1407-1409 Madison Ave [PDF]
1411 Madison Ave [PDF]

Mount Sinai Leased Housing
The Heritage
Normandie Court
Park West Village

Vacate Notice [PDF]
Inspection Notice [PDF]
Bed Bug Information [PDF]