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  • ASSISTANT PROFESSOR Medicine, Gastroenterology
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  • American Board of Internal Medicine


  • MD, Yale School of Medicine

  • Residency, Internal Medicine
    Columbia University

  • Fellowship, Gastroenterology
    Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons


  • 2011 -
    Chief Gastroenterology Fellow, Division of Digestive and Liver Diseases, Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons

  • 2010 -
    Full Scholarship for Masters Degree in Patient Oriented Research at Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health

  • 2008 -
    Chief Medical Resident, Department of Medicine, Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons

  • 2007 -
    Second Annual American Gastroenterological Association Institute Investing in the Future: Promoting Diversity in GI Training

  • 2007 -
    Jay I. Meltzer/Rudin Foundation Medical Ethics Fellow.

  • 2005 -
    Janet M. Gasgow Memorial Achievement Citation, Yale University School of Medicine

  • 2005 -
    The Dr. Harold H. Lamport Biomedical Research Prize, Yale University School of Medicine

  • 2004 -
    Howard Hughes Medical Institute Research Training Fellowship for Medical Students: Continued Support for Completion of Medical Studies

  • 2004 -
    Farr Award, Yale University Student Research Day

  • 2004 -
    American Society of Hematology Scholar Award

  • 2003 -
    Howard Hughes Medical Institute Research Training Fellowship for Medical Students

  • 2000 -
    Honors in Biological Sciences, Brown University

  • 1999 -
    Sigma Xi


American College of Gastroenterology Clinical Research Award 10/1/2012-9/30/2013

American College of Gastroenterology Clinical Research Award                       7/1/2012-6/30/2013

Title: Clinical and Pathologic Characteristics of BRCA1 and BRCA2 Associated Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma

NIH UL1 TR000040 (formerly RR024156) 7/1/10-6/30/12

NIH UL1 RR024156                                                                                                    7/1/10-6/30/12

Role: Trainee and student

NIH T32 DK083256 7/1/10-6/30/12

NIH T32 DK083256                                                                                                    7/1/10-6/30/12

Role: Trainee


Swaminath A, Lucas A, Capiak K, Sethi A, Garcia-Carrasquillo R. A foreign body larger than the overtube diameter: a case of a large cow foot bone causing esophageal impaction.. Gastroenterology and Hepatology : 2010; ;6(12): 793-5. .

Amin S, McBride R, Mitchell E, Lucas A, Neugut A, Frucht H. Incidence of Subsequent Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma in Patients with a History of Nonpancreatic Primary Cancers.. Cancer 2012; 118(5): 1244-51.

Amin S, Lucas A, Frucht H. Evidence for Treatment and Survival Disparities by Age in Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma: A Population-Based Analysis. ]. Pancreas 2012 Jul 24 [;.

Lucas A, Petrylak DP. The case for early chemotherapy for the treatment of metastatic disease [review]. The Journal of urology 2006 Dec; 176(6 Pt 2).

Gonda TA, Lucas A, Saif MW. Screening and detection of pancreatic cancer. Highlights from the [review]. JOP : Journal of the pancreas 2011 Jul; 12(4).

Lucas AL, Chang MM, Llipsyc M, Frucht H. Prevention and Genetics of Pancreatic Cancer - A Programmatic Approach. [review]. Methods in Molecular Medicine 2012;.

Lucas AL, Hwang C, Frucht H. Strengthening the case for stool DNA tests as first-line colorectal cancer screening: are we there yet? [review]. Clinical gastroenterology and hepatology : the official clinical practice journal of the American Gastroenterological Association 2012 Mar; 10(3).

Gaines P, Lee A, Berliner N. Constitutive Overexpression of Calcium/calmodulin-dependent Protein Kinase Kinase in 32Dcl3 Myeloid Cells Disrupts G-CSF-induced Proliferative and Survival Signals. .;.

Lee A, Khanna-Gupta A, Zibello T, St. Clair C, Berliner N. The Role of CCAAT Displacement Protein in Neutrophil-Specific Gene Expression. [abstract]. Blood. 2004; 3558.

Tromp J, Lucas AL, Schaefer-Cutillo J, St. Clair C, Sun H, Khanna-Gupta A, Berliner N. Knock- down of CCAAT Displacement Protein (CDP) restores Specific Granule Protein (SGP) expression in NB4 Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia Cells. [abstract]. Blood. 2005; 2720.

Lucas AL, Bill AZ, Hwang C, Verna EC, Goetz N, Chabot JA, Frucht H. Family History of Pancreas, Breast, Colon, Bladder, and Prostate Cancer in Patients with Pancreas Cancer Supports a Syndromic Predisposition. [abstract]. Gastroenterology. 2008; 134:. Abstract A-607.

Hwang C, Rotterdam H, Bill AZ, Verna EC, Lucas AL, Goetz N, Chabot JA, Frucht H. High - Grade Pancreatic Intraepithelial Neoplasia (Panin ) Is Associated with Local Recurrence of Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma After [abstract]. Gastroenterology. 2008; 134:. Abstract A-93.

Hwang C, Kumar S, Lucas AL, Verna EC, Khanna LG, Martinez-Gomez J, Chabot JA, Frucht H. Clinical Genetic Testing in Prospective Risk Assessment of Pancreatic Cancer Kindreds: The Experience At One Academic Center. [abstract]. Gastroenterology. 2009; 136 :. Abstract A-450.

Significance of Family History of Pancreatic and Associated Syndromic Cancers in Patients with Indraducal Pappilary Mucinous Neoplasms. [abstract]. Gastroenterology. 2009; 136:. Abstract A-313.

Kumar S, Hwang C, Pursell L, Khanna LG, Lucas AL, Martinez-Gomez J, Chabot JA, Frucht H. Pathologic Characteristics of Resected Pancreatic Adenocarcinomas That Adversely Affect Survival: An 18-year Experience At One Academic Center. [abstract]. Gastroenterology. 2010; 138:. S-296.

Khanna LG, Hwang C, Mitchel EB, Kumar S, Lucas AL, Pursell L, Marinez-Gomez J, Chabot JA, Frucht H. Inpact of Family History of Pancreatic and Associated Syndromic Cancers on Disease Survival in Intraductal Papillary Mucinous Neoplasms.(Abstract) [abstract]. Gastroenterology. 2010; 138:. S-296.

Kumar S, Amin S, Englestadt K, Lucas AL, Khanna LG, Hwang C, Chung W, Frucht H. Highe BRCA 1/2 Mutation Rate With Less Significant Breast Cancer Among Families with Pancreatic Cancer Predisposition: A New Indication for BRCA 1/2 Testing? [abstract]. Gastroenterology. 2011; S260-261.

Campos-Serrano A, Khanna LG, Amin S, Lucas AL, Frucht H. Pancreatic Cancer in Minority Patients: The Experience at One Academic Center from 2002-2010. [abstract]. Gastroenterology. 2011; 140:. S-355-356.

Khanna LG, Amin S, Kumar S, Lucas AL, Pursell L, Chabot JA, Frucht H. Timeline of Progression from Adenoma to Invasive Carcinoma in Intraductal Papillary Mucinous Neoplasms. [abstract]. Gastroenterology. 2011; 140:. S-679.

Hwang C, Kumar S, Yab TC, Taylor WR, Kisiel JB, Lucas AL, Chabot JA, Ahlquist DA, Frucht H. Noninvasive Detection of Intraductal Papillary Mucinous Neoplasms (PMN) and Early Stage Cancer of the Pancreas with Stool DNA Testing. [abstract]. Gastroenterology. 2011; 140:. S-678.

Frado LE, Hwang C, Kumar S, Khanna LG, Chung WK, Frucht H, Lucas AL. BRCA1 and BRCA2 Germline Mutations are Frequently Found in a High Risk Pancreatic Cancer Screening Population. [abstract]. American Journal of Gastroenterology. 2012; 107:.

Hassid B, Salomao M, Weng C, Liu F, Khanna LG, Kumar S, Hwang C, Chabot JA, Frucht H, Lucas AL. Absence of Pancreatic Intraepithelial Neoplasia (PanIN) Predicts Poor Survival Following Resection of Pancreatic Cancer. [abstract]. American Journal of Gastroenterology. 2012; 107:. S90.

Lucas AL, Genkinger J, Kumar S, Khanna LG, Martinez- Gomez J, Frucht H. Pedigrees Obtained by a Genetic Counselor Compared with Self - Reported Health History Questionnaire Demonstrate Strong Agreement in First-Degree Relatives but Moderate to Poor Agreement in Second- and Third- Degree Relatives. [abstract]. Gastroenterology. 140:. S-259.

Lucas AL, Mitchel EB, Hwang C, Kumar S, Deng L, Shakya R, Ludwig T, Chabot JA, Chung W, Frucht H. High Frequency of BRCA1 and BRCA2 Germline Mutations In a Series of Resected Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma and Other Preneoplastic Lesions. [abstract]. Gastroenterology. 140:. S-355.

Mitchel EB, Amin A, Lucas AL, Hwang C, Chung WK, Frucht H. Attitudes Toward Genetic Testing and Risk Perception in Pancreatic Cancer Patients and High-Risk Individuals: Understanding the Patient's Perspective. [abstract]. Digestive Diseases Week. 2012; Abstract 1296329.

Khanna LG, Salomao M, Kumar S, Hwang C, Lucas AL, Mitchel EB, Stavropoulos S, Rotterdam H, Frucht H. EUS Features of Chronic Pancreatitis Do Not Correlate with Pathologic Findings in Abnormal Parenchyma in High-Risk Pancreas Cancer Patients Undergoing Pancreatic Resection. [abstract]. Digestive Diseases Week. 2012; Abstract 1297334.

Kumar S, Amin S, Hwang C, Verna EC, Chua J, Mitchel EB, Lucas AL, Khanna LG, Frucht H. Follow-Up of High Risk Pancreatic Cancer Screening Patients Demonstrates No Significant Lesions Within One Year. [abstract]. Digestive Diseases Week. 2012; Abstract 1298704.

Lucas AL, Shakya R, Lipsyc M, Mitchel EB, Kumar S, Kwang C, Deng L, Devoe C, Szabolcs M, Ludwig T, Chabot HA, Chung WK, Frucht H. Demonstration of a High Frequency of BRCA1 and BRCA2 Germlline Mutations With Loss of Heterozygosity: A Series of Resected Pancreatic Adenocarcinomas and Other Preneoplastic Lesions. [abstract]. Gastroenterology. 2012; Abstract 142 S-509.

Industry Relationships

Physicians and scientists on the faculty of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai often interact with pharmaceutical, device and biotechnology companies to improve patient care, develop new therapies and achieve scientific breakthroughs. In order to promote an ethical and transparent environment for conducting research, providing clinical care and teaching, Mount Sinai requires that salaried faculty inform the School of their relationships with such companies.

Dr. Lucas did not report having any of the following types of financial relationships with industry during 2012 and/or 2013: consulting, scientific advisory board, industry-sponsored lectures, service on Board of Directors, participation on industry-sponsored committees, equity ownership valued at greater than 5% of a publicly traded company or any value in a privately held company. Please note that this information may differ from information posted on corporate sites due to timing or classification differences.

Mount Sinai's faculty policies relating to faculty collaboration with industry are posted on our website at Patients may wish to ask their physician about the activities they perform for companies.

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