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Anna Palucka

  • PROFESSOR Medicine, Clinical Immunology
  • PROFESSOR Oncological Sciences
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  • B.S., Warsaw Medical Academy

  • Maria Sklodowska Curie Memorial Oncology Institute

  • Center for Post-Graduate Medical Training

  • Karolinska Institute

  • Ph.D., Karolinska Institute/Hospital

  • Swedish Medical Research Council/INSERM

  • M.D., Warsaw Medical Academy


    Tiffany Jones - (212) 659-8284


  • 1990 - 1992
    Personal Award
    Ulf Lundahl Foundation

  • 1989 - 1990
    Swedish Cancer Society, King Gustaf V. Jubilee Foundation


Klechevsky E, Morita R, Liu M, Cao Y, Coquery S, Thompson-Snipes L, Briere F, Chaussabel D, Zurawski G, Palucka AK, Reiter Y, Banchereau J, Ueno H. Functional Specializations of Human Epidermal Langerhans Cells and CD14+ Dermal Dendritic Cells. Immunity 2008; 29: 497-510.

Aspord C, Pedroza-Gonzalez A, Gallegos M, Tindle S, Burton EC, Su D, Marches F, Banchereau J, Palucka AK. Breast cancer instructs dendritic cells to prime interleukin 13-secreting CD4+ T cells that facilitate tumor development. PMC2118566. (TC:14). J. Exp. Med 2007; 204: 1037-1047.

Vence L, Palucka AK, Connolly JE, Fay JW, Ito T, Liu Y, Banchereau J, Ueno H. Circulating tumor antigen-specific regulatory T cells in patients with metastatic melanoma. PMC2409236. PNAS 2007; 104: 20884-20889.

Dubsky P, Saito H, Leogier M, Dantin C, Connolly JE, Banchereau J, Palucka AK. IL-15-induced human dendritic cells efficiently prime melanoma-specific naive CD8+T cells to differentiate into CTL. Eur. J. Immunol 2007; 37: 1678-1690.

Palucka AK, Ueno H, Fay JW, Banchereau J. Taming cancer by inducing immunity via dendritic cells. (TC:17). Immunol. Rev 2007; 220: 129-150.

Fay JW, Palucka AK, Paczesny S, Dhodapkar M, Johnston DA, Burkeholder S, Ueno H, Banchereau J. Long term outcomes in patients with metastatic melanoma vaccinated with melanoma peptide-pulsed CD34+ progenitor derived dendritic cells. (TC:24). Cancer Immunol. Immunother 2006; 55: 1209-1218.

Palucka AK, Ueno H, Connolly J, Kerneis-Norvell F, Blanck JP, Johnston DA, Fay J, Banchereau J. Dendritic cells loaded with killed allogeneic melanoma cells can induce objective clinical responses and MART-1 specific CD8+T cell immunity. (TC:38). J. Immunother 2006; 29: 545-557.

Banchereau J, Palucka AK. Dendritic cells as therapeutic vaccines against cancer. (TC:283). Nat. Rev. Immunol 2005; 5: 296-306.

Blanco P, Palucka, A.K. (equal contributor) , Gill M, Pascual V, Banchereau J. Induction of dendritic cell differentiation by IFN-alpha in systemic lupus erythematosus. (TC:398). Science 2001; 294: 1540-1543.

Chomarat P, Banchereau J, Davoust J, Palucka AK. IL-6 switches the differentiation of monocytes from dendritic cells to macrophages. (TC:227). Nature Immunology 2000; 1: 510-514.

Industry Relationships

Physicians and scientists on the faculty of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai often interact with pharmaceutical, device and biotechnology companies to improve patient care, develop new therapies and achieve scientific breakthroughs. In order to promote an ethical and transparent environment for conducting research, providing clinical care and teaching, Mount Sinai requires that salaried faculty inform the School of their relationships with such companies.

Below are financial relationships with industry reported by Dr. Palucka during 2014 and/or 2015. Please note that this information may differ from information posted on corporate sites due to timing or classification differences.

Scientific Advisory Board:

  • Aduro BioTech, Inc.

Mount Sinai's faculty policies relating to faculty collaboration with industry are posted on our website. Patients may wish to ask their physician about the activities they perform for companies.

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