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Catherine Clelland

  • ADJUNCT ASSISTANT PROFESSOR Structural and Chemical Biology
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Clelland C, Risca V, Bancroft C. Hiding messages in DNA microdots. Nature 1999 Jun 10 399(6736):533-4.

Clelland C, Craciun L, Bancroft C, Lufkin T. Mapping and developmental expression analysis of the WD-repeat gene Preb. Genomics 2000 Feb; 63(3): 391-9.

We have isolated from mouse a novel WD-motif-containing gene designated Preb. This gene encodes a predicted protein of 416 amino acids and has significant homology with other members of the WD-motif gene superfamily that play a role in cell fate determination. Preb maps to the proximal end of chromosome 5 in mouse, near the Hmx1 homeobox gene. Preb is detectable in early stage embryos in the peripheral nervous system, developing liver, and surface ectoderm. Later, Preb is expressed in the anterior portion of Rathke's pouch, which gives rise to the anterior pituitary, the organ responsible for the production of prolactin and other hormones. In midgestation embryos, the most extensive expression of Preb is observed in the perichondrium of the craniofacial, axial, and appendicular skeleton. The expression pattern of Preb in murine embryos suggests a potential role in the specification of multiple cell types, in particular, the fetal skeleton. Copyright 2000 Academic Press.

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