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Elizabeth Ochoa

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  • Internship, Clinical Psychology
    Beth Israel Medical Center

  • Fellowship, Clin Neurophysiology
    Beth Israel Medical Center

  • Fellowship, Psychotherapy
    NYU Hospital


    Elizabeth S. Ochoa, Ph.D. is the Chief Psychologist at Mount Sinai Beth Israel. She assumes administrative responsibility for the Psychology Division, supervises and teaches Psychology and Psychiatry trainees and engages in clinical practice.

    Dr. Ochoa has expertise in individual psychotherapy with adults and couples and has been trained in cognitive behavior interventions as well as psychodynamic interventions. She also participates in ongoing research in psychotherapy involving the therapeutic alliance.

    Dr. Ochoa graduated from Barnard College, received her doctorate in clinical psychology from Vanderbilt University, and completed an internship in clinical psychology at Mt. Sinai Beth Israel, a fellowship in clinical neuropsychology at Mt. Sinai Beth Israel as well as a certificate program in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis at N.Y.U.'s postdoctoral program.


    Individual, group, and couples psychotherapy using time limited cognitive behavioral or psychodynamic approaches.  Practice consists of high functioning adults with developmental/interpersonal/academic/vocational concerns. Executive coaching and enhancement of leadership skills emphasized.



Psychotherapy Research


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Ochoa, E.S. & Roane, D.M. (2001). Psychotherapy of the head injured patient. Neuropsychiatry Reviews, 4(2), 14-15..;.

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10 Nathan D Perlman Place
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Tel: 212-420-2597
Fax: 212-420-2028
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