Helen H Lee

Helen H Lee, MD

  • ASSISTANT CLINICAL PROFESSOR | Environmental Medicine & Public Health

Director, Occupational & Environmental Medicine Residency
OEM Advisor, Master of Public Health Program
Course Director, MPH 522 Clinical Occupational and Environmental Medicine
Attending physician, Mount Sinai-Irving J. Selikoff Center for Occupational & Environmental Medicine
Attending physician, World Trade Center Health Program
Assistant Professor, Preventive Medicine
Senior Medical Advisor, N30i Inc., New York, NY

Board Certification: American Board of Internal Medicine; American Board of Preventive Medicine & Occupational Medicine

Selected Bibliography:

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Selected Participation in Local, Regional and National Activities / Presentations / Abstracts / Grants:
  • Lee HH,  Goodwin MD, Crawford CV Beard CB, Kruglov O, Richard FF, Durvasula RV. “The Vector Symbiont Method and Putative Symbionts of  Chagas’ Disease Vectors, Triatoma Infestans and Triatoma Dimidiata.” XXIV Annual Meeting on Basic Research in Chagas' Disease. Caxambu, Brazil. 1997 Nov 11-14
  • Yamaga S, Yeramilli S, Lian Z, Prashar Y, Lee H, Berliner N, Liu Y-C, Goguen J, Newburger P, Weissman S. “Transcript profiling of hematopoietic cell development and activation.” Beyond the Identification of Transcribed Sequences: Functional and Expression Analysis 9th Annual Workshop. Washington DC. 1999 Oct 28-31.
  • Lee HH, Lee J. Bringing patient-doctor communications securely into the social media age. CME Conference lecture at New York eHealth Collaborative Digital Health Conference; New York City, 2011.
  • Piligian G, Lee HH. Possible Environmental Triggers Associated with Autoimmune Diseases. Lecture for Patient Support Group at Hospital for Special Surgery; New York City, 2012.

Clinical Focus

  • Xanthelasma And Xanthoma

Multi-Disciplinary Training Area

Public Health [PH]


MPH, Yale University School of Public Health