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  • Pediatric Cardiology

  • American Board of Pediatrics

Clinical Focus


  • MD, University of Athens

  • Residency, Pediatrics
    Monmouth Medical Center

  • Fellowship, Pediatric Cardiology
    Mount Sinai School of Medicine


    Dr. Lytrivi received her medical degree from the University of Athens and completed her residency in General Pediatrics at Monmouth Medical Center in New Jersey. She did her pediatric cardiology fellowship at Mount Sinai Medical Center where she also completed a fourth year advanced training in non-invasive imaging. She worked as a pediatric cardiologist at Maimonides Medical Center, maintaining a part-time faculty position at Mount Sinai School of Medicine. She then went back to her native Greece where she worked in the largest pediatric cardiology center in Athens for two years. Prior to joining Mount Sinai again, she received advanced training in heart failure/heart transplant at Boston Children’s Hospital. She is currently the Medical Director of the Pediatric Heart Failure and Heart Transplant Service as of January 2012.


Dr. Lytrivi’s mainresearch interest is the non-invasive assessment of cardiac function before and after heart transplantation.


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Groner A, Yau J, Lytrivi I, Ko H, Nielsen J, Parness I, Srivastava S. The role of right ventricular function in paediatric idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy.. Cardiol Young 2012 August; 22: 1-7.

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