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Clinical Focus


  • MD, Fairleigh Dickinson Dental School

  • Internship, Clinical Psychology
    Medical University of South Carolina

  • Fellowship, Neurology & Psych.
    Medical University of South Carolina


    Dr. Festa is the Director of Neuropsychology in the Department of Neurology at Mount Sinai West and is an Assistant Professor of Neurology at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.  Her research has focused on neurovascular neuropsychology, neuropsychological functioning in heart failure, the neurocognitive and psychological aspects of medical disorders, as well as the development of neuropsychological testing measures. She has been a neuropsychologist researcher on various programs funded by industry and the National Institutes of Health. 

    Dr. Festa’s clinical interest is in identifying the cognitive, behavioral and affective sequelea of medical illnesses.   Her clinical practice focuses on adult neuropsychological assessment in English fluent patients with a broad range of cognitive problems including memory disorders, dementias, movement disorders, autoimmune disorders, postconcussion syndrome, brain tumors, cerebrovascular disease and stroke, seizure disorders, infectious diseases, attention deficit disorder and other psychiatric disorders. 

    Dr. Festa provides neuropsychological assessment services to adults age 17 and older. To schedule an appointment, please contact her office at (212) 523-8060.


Behavior, Cardiovascular, Cognitive Neuroscience, Memory

Dr. Festa's research has focused on neurovascular neuropsychology, the effects of heart failure on cognitive functioning, neurocognition in Moyamoya disease, the neurocognitive and psychological aspects of medical disorders, as well as the development of neuropsychological testing measures.


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Wright, C, Festa, JR, Sacco R, Paik, MC, DeCarli C, Stern, Y (2008). Motor dexterity and increasing white matter hyperintensity volume: the Northern Manhattan Study. Stroke, 39, 800-805..;.

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Dr. Festa did not report having any of the following types of financial relationships with industry during 2015 and/or 2016: consulting, scientific advisory board, industry-sponsored lectures, service on Board of Directors, participation on industry-sponsored committees, equity ownership valued at greater than 5% of a publicly traded company or any value in a privately held company. Please note that this information may differ from information posted on corporate sites due to timing or classification differences.

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