Joanne Toran

Joanne Toran, MPA

  • ADJUNCT RESEARCH ASSISTANT | Pediatrics, General Pediatrics

A Public administrator by profession, Joanne Toran serves as the Associate Director of the Pediatric School Based Health Center and has been a faculty member in the Division of General Pediatrics at Mount Sinai since 2001. She has administrative oversight of four school-based health centers, which provide comprehensive medical services for close to 4,000 children.

Joanne is a New York City native and has been committed to community service for the last three decades. She firmly believes that overcoming obstacles is difficult but not impossible, she has been involved as a change agent in the city's educational an health care systems. She views herself as an a dvocate for meaningful, collaborative and viable partnerships. With an appreciation for community assets, her approach is first one of appreciation of community culture and skills, and subsequently, the identification of problems, resulting in a more inclusive approach to problem solving.


BA, State University of New York

MPA, New York University