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  • SENIOR FACULTY Ophthalmology
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  • Ophthalmology

Clinical Focus


  • MD, Yale University School of Medicine

  • Clinical Elective Course, National Institutes of Health

  • M.P.H., Columbia University

  • Internship, Internal Medicine
    Washington Hospital Center

  • Residency, Ophthalmology
    Bellevue Hospital Center

  • Fellowship, Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery
    Mount Sinai Hospital


    Over the last 20 years Dr. Eichenbaum has had extensive experience in treating complex problems involving:

    • Uveitis, systemic illness and glaucoma;
    • Orbital and central nervous system tumors in relationship to the eye, the sinus and the face;
    • Difficult to fit contact lens issues, high astigmatism;
    • Chronic recurrent dry eye, corneal, inflammatory, infection, and refraction problems;
    • Ocular toxicology problems particularly related to the retina and cornea;
    • Geriatric eye problems involving cataract, retina, macula, and low vision.


  • A Zebrafish Model of Retinal Degeneration Examining: genetics, aging, environment, oxidative stress, protein misfolding, inflammation, and hypoxia.
  • Epidemiology of Vision Loss in Geriatric Populations
  • Toxicology of Lead and heavy metals in the retina and brain
  • Stroke mechanisms in the eye and brain


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