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Julie Schnur

  • ASSISTANT PROFESSOR Oncological Sciences
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  • BA, University of Pennsylvania
    Clinical Psychology

  • M.A., St. John's University
    Clinical Psychology

  • Ph.D., St John's University
    Clinical Psychology

  • Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Oncological Sciences
    Cancer Prevention and Control

  • Internship, Clinical Psychiatry
    Nassau University Medical Center


    Dr. Schnur is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Oncological Sciences (with a secondary appointment in Psychiatry), Co-Director of the  Integrative Behavioral Medicine Program and a licensed clinical psychologist. Dr. Schnur's research is focused on developing psychological interventions to help individuals manage their cancer treatment experience (with a particular emphasis on radiotherapy), exploring the role of E-therapy in psychosocial cancer care,  and studying the role of childhood sexual abuse in adult cancer patients' reactions to cancer treatment.   To accomplish these goals, her work incorporates both qualitative and quantitative research approaches.


Cancer-related quality of life, Psychosocial issues in cancer


Schnur JB, Graff-Zivin J, Mattson DM, Jandorf LH, Wernicke AG, Montgomery G. Acute skin toxicity-related, out-of-pocket expenses in patients with breast cancer treated with external beam radiotherapy: a descriptive, exploratory study.. Support Care Cancer 2012;.

Montgomery GH, Schnur JB, Kravits K. Hypnosis for Cancer Care: 200 years young. Cancer Journal for Clinicians 2012;.

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Schnur JB, Goldsmith RE. Through her eyes. Journal of clinical oncology : official journal of the American Society of Clinical Oncology 2011 Oct; 29(30).

Schnur JB, Montgomery GH. E-counseling in psychosocial cancer care: a survey of practice, attitudes, and training among providers. Telemedicine journal and e-health : the official journal of the American Telemedicine Association 2012 May; 18(4).

Schnur JB, Ouellette SC, Dilorenzo TA, Green S, Montgomery GH. A qualitative analysis of acute skin toxicity among breast cancer radiotherapy patients. Psycho-oncology 2011 Mar; 20(3).

Schnur JB, Montgomery GH. A systematic review of therapeutic alliance, group cohesion, empathy, and goal consensus/collaboration in psychotherapeutic interventions in cancer: Uncommon factors?. Clinical psychology review 2010 Mar; 30(2).

Schnur JB, David D, Kangas M, Green S, Bovbjerg DH, Montgomery GH. A randomized trial of a cognitive-behavioral therapy and hypnosis intervention on positive and negative affect during breast cancer radiotherapy. Journal of clinical psychology 2009 Apr; 65(4).

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Montgomery GH, Bovbjerg DH, Schnur JB, David D, Goldfarb A, Weltz CR, Schechter C, Graff-Zivin J, Tatrow K, Price DD, Silverstein JH. A randomized clinical trial of a brief hypnosis intervention to control side effects in breast surgery patients. Journal of the National Cancer Institute 2007 Sep; 99(17).

Schnur JB, Love B, Scheckner BL, Green S, Wernicke AG, Montgomery GH. A systematic review of patient-related measures of radiodermatitis in breast cancer radiotherapy. American Journal of Clinical Oncology 2011;.

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