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Nadim Salomon

  • PROFESSOR Medicine, Infectious Diseases
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  • Infectious Disease

  • American Board of Internal Medicine


  • Residency, Internal Medicine
    Lincoln Medical & Mental Health Ct.

  • Fellowship, Infectious Diseases
    Beth Israel Medical Center


    I have served as the Medical Director of the Peter Krueger (PKC) since 2000.  PKC provides longitudinal HIV and primary care to ~1200 HIV infected persons together with onsite mental health, nutrition, case management, adherence/care coordination and specialty services (dermatology and pain management). PKC has an operating budget of $2.1 millions plus $1.5 millions in grant funding and a staff of 62 of whom are grant funded including 4 Infectious Diseases Fellows who have each one weekly clinic session. I have made several important contributions including the customization of the EMR that has resulted to into better quality outcomes and to the development of a research capacity, more structured fellow education using dedicated attending physicians, development of a capacity to treat Hepatitis via a prior NY state funded Hepatitis C grant, improved monitoring of chronic opioid therapy, the implementation of NY State funded care coordination and treatment adherence for HIV treatment failures, the smooth transition to managed care, and recent contributions to the Mount Sinai System including workflow modifications, Hepatitis C education grant application and HIV Quality Program design.

    I have been a full staff member of the Department of Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases since July 1989 and have contributed each at least 3-4 months/year to the teaching and supervision of Internal Medicine residents and Infectious Diseases Fellow together with several didactic lectures.  I oversee the outpatient training of 4 Infectious Diseases Fellow at the Peter Krueger Clinic and am directly responsible for the teaching of one ID fellows (4 hours/week).  I have served in several leadership teaching positions including coordinator of TB/Pulmonary ID rounds and Clerkship Director for sub interns rotating at Beth Israel. I have an excellent tract record in mentoring ID fellows and residents in clinical research. I am a recipient of the Beth Israel Teaching Award and my teaching evaluations have been consistently above my peer group.


    I followed a cohort of about ~120 HIV infected patients at the Peter Krueger clinic and I am responsible for the supervision of one nurse practitioner.  I have a growing faculty practice and I provide direct care to ~500 HIV infected patients at the Phillips Ambulatory care clinic together with consultative services about general ID cases and travel medicine.  All of my referrals have come from my patients and from my peers. I am local, national, and international resource for difficult for complex to manage HIV and TB cases.  I have been nominated NY Super Doctor 5 times in the past 6 years.


  • -
    New York City Super Doctor
    NYT, 2009

  • -
    New York Super Doctor
    NYT 2012

  • -
    New York City Super Doctor
    NYT, 2010

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    New York City Super Doctor
    NYT 2014

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    1993 Teacher of the year - can be nominated only once
    Beth Israel Society for the Teaching of Medicine

  • -
    New York Super Doctor
    NYT, 2011

  • 2010 -
    Top Doctor in NY, International Association of Internists, The Leading Physicians of the World


New topic

My main scientific interest interests have been in the fields of HIV and HIV-related opportunistic infections. I have made important contributions towards improved therapies for acyclovir-resistant mucocutaneous herpes simplex infection and cryptococcal meningitis and towards the description of clinical features and risk factors of invasive aspergillosis and CMV pneumonia.  I have made major contributions to the field of tuberculosis including the design and implementation of TB screening in needle exchange attendees and of directly observed outpatient TB and HIV treatment, the association of early identification of MDR-TB and DOT with improved MDRT-TB outcomes in both HIV negative and HIV positive patients, and the critical role of HIV-related immune suppression rather than resistance per se in HIV-TB mortality.  My research have not only informed the conduct of TB DOT in New York City but also the design of several national multicenter studies including ACTG 222 (Treatment of Pulmonary TB in HIV-infected persons), ACTG 309 (PK of antituberculosis agents in HIV infected patients), ACTG 5073 (Utility of outpatient DOT) in HIV.  I have collaborated with several agencies/institutions (CDC, NYC Health Department, Columbia University, New York University, TB Trials Consortium, NYC Tuberculosis Group) on study projects towards improving therapies for HIV-TB and adherence to HIV antiretroviral therapies, epidemiology of TB resitance, and interventions to reduce substance abuse in HIV infected persons (see CV).  I have served as a research mentor for 25 residents and fellows; their research findings have been published at national and nternational conferences (see CV).  My research will continue to focus on improved treatment outcomes in HIV and Hepatitis C and I will continue to serve as a mentor for students, residents and fellows.



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