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  • Ph.D., New York University


Frozen section immunohistochemistry for fixation sensitive nuclear antigens, such as MYC and BRCA1

Cryostat Frozen Sectioning Aid(CFSA) which permits the rapid and facile preparation of high quality, freeze substituted frozen sections is being adapted to the application of avidin-peroxidase conjugates and cytochemical peroxidase staining procedures. We have developed improved immunohistological techniques for detecting extremely fixation sensitive nuclear antigens in frozen tissue sections of the human breast and colon. We have localized BRCA1 protein in epithelial cell nuclei of human sporadic cancer and co-localized two BRCA1 antibodies with antibodies to nucleolin. Both the nuclear and nucleolar localization of BRCA1 is under further investigation.


Tulchin N, Ornstein L, Harpaz N, Guillem J, Borner C, O'Toole K. C-Myc protein distribution: Neoplastic tissues of the human colon. Am J Pathology 1992; 140: 719-729.

Marin ML, Gordon RE, Veith FJ, Tulchin N, Panetta TF. Distribution of c-myc oncoprotein in healthy and atherosclerotic human carotid arteries. J of Vasc Surgery 1993; 18(2): 170-177.

Tulchin N, Lee FS, Ornstein N, Strauchen J, Cardiff RD. c-Myc protein distribution: mammary adenocarcinomas of MTV/myc transgenic mice. Int J of Oncology 1995; 7: 5-9.

Tulchin N, Ornstein L, Bleiweiss IJ, Dikman S, Cardiff RD. Immunohistologic c-myc protein in benign breast disease and cancer. Int J of Oncology 1996; 9: 419-425.

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