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Research Interest

Epidemiology, natural history, and therapy of chronic hepatitis C, with and without HIV coinfection.  Hepatocellular carcinoma in HIV-infected patients.


Brau N, Fox RK, Xiao P, Marks K, Naqvi Z, Taylor LE. Presentation and outcome of hepatocellular carcinoma in HIV-infected patients: A U.S.-Canadian multicenter study. J Hepatol 2007 Oct; 47(4): 527-537.

Dore GJ, Torriani FJ, Rodriguez-Torres M, Brau N, Sulkowski M, Lamoglia RS. Baseline factors prognostic of sustained virological response in patients with HIV-hepatitis C virus co-infection. AIDS 2007 Jul 31; 21(12): 1555-1559.

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Alvarez D, Dieterich DT, Brau N, Moorehead L, Ball L, Sulkowski MS. Zidovudine use but not weight-based ribavirin dosing impacts anaemia during HCV treatment in HIV-infected persons. J Viral Hepat 2006 Oct; 13(10): 683-689.

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Brau N, Bini EJ, Currie S, Shen H, Schmidt WN, King PD, . Black Patients with Chronic Hepatitis C Have a Lower Sustained Viral Response Rate than Non-blacks with Genotype 1, but the Same with Genotypes 2/3, and This Is Not Explained by More Frequent Dose Reductions of Interferon and Ribavirin. J Viral Hepat 2006 Apr 13; 13(4): 242-249.

Brau N, Salvatore M, Rios-Bedoya CF, Fernandez-Carbia A, Rodriguez-Orengo JF, Rodriguez-Torres M. Slower Fibrosis Progression in HIV/HCV-Coinfected Patients with Successful HIV Suppression Using Antiretroviral Therapy. J Hepatol 2006 Jan; 44(1): 47-55.

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Brau N, Bini EJ, Shahidi A, Aytaman A, Xiao P, Stancic S, Eng R, Brown S, Paronetto F. Hepatitis C And Coinfection With HIV-1 in The New York City Metropolitan Area: A Random Survey Among U.S. Veterans. Am J Gastroenterol 2002 Aug; 97(8): 2071-2078.

Brau N, Leaf HL, Wieczorek RL, Margolis DM. Severe hepatitis in three AIDS patients treated with indinavir. Lancet 1997; 349: 924-925.

Industry Relationships

Physicians and scientists on the faculty of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai often interact with pharmaceutical, device and biotechnology companies to improve patient care, develop new therapies and achieve scientific breakthroughs. In order to promote an ethical and transparent environment for conducting research, providing clinical care and teaching, Mount Sinai requires that salaried faculty inform the School of their relationships with such companies.

Dr. Brau has not yet completed reporting of Industry relationships.

Mount Sinai's faculty policies relating to faculty collaboration with industry are posted on our website. Patients may wish to ask their physician about the activities they perform for companies.

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