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Pamela Sklar

  • PROFESSOR Psychiatry
  • PROFESSOR Neuroscience
  • PROFESSOR Genetics and Genomic Sciences
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  • BA, St. John's College

  • MD, PhD, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine


    Pamela Sklar is a neuroscientist, human geneticist and clinical psychiatrist investigating the genetic causes of psychiatric disorders, including schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. A major focus of her prior work has been to identify susceptibility genes for psychiatric diseases by applying tools developed for understanding and characterizing human sequence variation. Currently, she is Chief of the Division of Psychiatric Genomics, and Professor of Psychiatry, Neuroscience, Genetics and Genomic Sciences.


The laboratory of psychiatric genomics will continue the long-standing basic research program of the PI to define the genetic architecture of the two most severe and heritable adult psychiatric disorders, BD and SCZ. Understanding the architecture requires knowing the number, frequency and effect size (and how they interact) of all the genetic risk factors and these would be undertaken in collaboration with members of the Genomics institute.

Studies are ongoing in the areas of:

     1) large scale genome-wide association studies

     2) rare variant identification by next generation sequencing

     3) patient collection

     4) genotype driven phenotyping

     5) genetic risk prediction

     6) biological follow-up of candidate genes

     7) generation and study of pathways and biology in induced pluripotent stem cells from patients.

Division of Psychiatric Genomics

Using as a foundation the superb basic and clinical resources of the Mount Sinai Medical Center we will build an infrastructure for improving the diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric diseases. The Division of Psychiatric Genetics and Genomics that includes a Laboratory of Psychiatric Genomics, a Laboratory of Molecular Analysis of Risk Genes for Psychiatric Disorders: SCZ (SCZ), Bipolar Disorder (BD), MDD and OCD, and a Laboratory of Translational Psychiatry.


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