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  • ASSISTANT PROFESSOR Genetics and Genomic Sciences
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  • Ph.D., McGill University


    Dr. Savic obtained his Ph.D. degree from Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Faculty of Medicine, McGill University, Montreal, Canada. He then completed postdoctoral training at Mount Sinai in laboratories of world experts in diabetes (Dr. LeRoith); liver diseases (Drs. Friedman and Llovet); and lysosomal storage disorders (Dr. Schuchman). Working with clinician/translational scientists enabled Dr. Savic to experience firsthand the processes and challenges of progression of small molecule drugs and biologics from laboratory and pre-clinical research to clinical trials. Dr. Savic also conducted advanced pre-clinical studies of select clinical grade enzymes, e.g., those used in treatment of rare lysosomal storage disorders, repurposed for potential use as adjuvant treatments of cancer.


  • 2010 -
    Technology Development Fund Award
    Mount Sinai

  • 2006 -
    Academic Gold Medal
    Governor General of Canada

  • 2005 -
    Sourkes Prize in Pharmacology
    Pharmacology & Therapeutics, McGill University


Central point of our research is integrating advances in pharmacology, systems biology, and bioinformatics into pre-clinical research and drug development. We are exceptionally interested in acquiring competencies for enhancing the use of Big Data in developing novel therapeutic and diagnostic treatments. In addition, the principles of pharmacology, nanotechnology, nanomedicine and pharmaceutics are considered, as appropriate, in achieving these goals. Teamwork with scientists from academia, industry, hospitals and other research centers of excellence is an essential component of these endeavors. The overall goal is to enable authentic benefits to patients.


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