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Role of presenilin-1 in cortical and vasculardevelopment and AD pathogenesis

Transgenic models of AD

In vivo marking of neural stem cells  with fluorescent proteins

Neurovascular interactions in development and disease


De Gasperi R, Gama Sosa MA, Wen PH, Li J, Perez GM, Curran T, Elder GA. Cortical development in the presenilin-1 null mutant mouse fails after splitting of the preplate and it is not due to a failure of reelin dependent signaling. Developmental Dynamics 2008; 237: 2405-2413.

De Gasperi R, Rocher AB, Gama Sosa MA, Wearne SL, Perez GM. The IRG Mouse: A Two-Color Fluorescent Reporter for Assessing Cre-Mediated Recombination and Imaging Complex Cellular Relationships In Situ. Genesis 2008; 46: 308-317.

Gama Sosa MA, De Gasperi R, Rocher AB, Perez GM, Simons K, Cruz DE, Hof PR, Elder GA. Interactions of primary neuroepithelial progenitor and brain endothelial cells: distinct effect on neural progenitor maintenance and differentiation by soluble factors and direct contact. Cell Research 2007; 17: 619-626.

Franciosi S, De Gasperi R, Dickstein DL, English DF, Rocher AB, Janssen WM, Christoffel D, Gama Sosa MA, Hof PR, Buxbaum JD, Elder GA. Pepsin Pretreatment Allows Collagen IV Immunostaining of Blood Vessels in Adult Mouse Brain. Journal of Neuroscience Methods 2007; 163: 76-82.

Wen PH, De Gasperi R, Gama Sosa MA, Rocher AB, Friedrich VL Jr., Hof PR, Elder GA. Selective expression of presenilin-1 in neural progenitor cells rescues the cerebral hemorrhages and cortical lamination defects in presenilin-1 null mutant mice. Development 2005; 132: 3873-3883.

Gama Sosa MA, Wen PH, De Gasperi R, Perez G, Senturk E, Friedrich VL Jr., Elder GA. Entorhinal Cortex Lesioning Promotes Neurogenesis in the Hippocampus of Adult Mice. Neuroscience 2004; 127: 881-891.

Wen PH, De Gasperi R, Gama Sosa MA, Elder GA. Neural progenitor cells do not differentiate prematurely in presenilin 1 null mutant mice. Neuroscience Letters 2004; 371: 249-254.

Wen PH, Hof PR, Chen X, Gluck K, Austin G, Younkin SG, Younkin LH, De Gasperi R, Gama Sosa MA, Robakis NK, Haroutunian V, Elder GA. The presenilin-1 familial Alzheimer disease mutant P117L impairs neurogenesis in the hippocampus of adult mice. Experimental Neurology 2004; 188: 224-237.

De Gasperi R, Friedrich VL, Perez GM, Senturk E, Wen PH, Kelley K, Elder GA, Gama Sosa MA. Transgenic rescue of the twitcher mouse. Gene Therapy 2004; 11: 1188-1194.

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