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  • ASSISTANT PROFESSOR Structural and Chemical Biology
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    2012-    Assistant Professor, Structural & Chemical Biology
    2009     Instructor, Structural & Chemical Biology

    Education and Training

    2005     Postdoctoral Fellow, Physiology & Biophysics
                 Mount Sinai School of Medicine
                 (Mentor: Dr. Aneel Aggarwal)

    2005     Ph.D. in Structural Biology
                 Magnetic Resonance Center (CERM) Florence, ITALY
                 (Adviser: Prof. Claudio Luchinat, Prof. Ivano Bertini)

    2002     M.Tech. in Biotechnology
                 Anna University, Chennai, INDIA
                 (Awarded with distinction)

    2000    M.Sc. in Biochemistry
                National JALMA Institute for Leprosy
                Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar University, Agra, INDIA


    2012    Outstanding Poster Award, NYSBDG Meeting
    2008    Best Poster Award, Annual Departmental Retreat, Mount Sinai
    2004    Assegnista di ricerca, Italy
    2003    CIRMMP Fellowship, Italy
    2001    VSRP Fellow, India
    2000    DBT Fellowship, India
    1991    National Scholarship, India


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Xu SY, Gupta YK. Natural zinc ribbon HNH endonucleases and engineered zinc finger nicking endonuclease. Nucleic Acids Res 2013 Jan; 41(1): 378-90.

Gupta YK, Yang L, Chan SH, Samuelson JC, Xu SY, Aggarwal AK. Structural insights into the assembly and shape of Type III restriction-modification (R-M) EcoP15I complex by small-angle X-ray scattering. J Mol Biol 2012 Jul; 420(4-5): 261-8.

Xu SY, Nugent RL, Kasamkattil J, Fomenkov A, Gupta Y, Aggarwal A, Wang X, Li Z, Zheng Y, Morgan R. Characterization of type II and III restriction-modification systems from Bacillus cereus strains ATCC 10987 and ATCC 14579. J Bacteriol 2012 Jan; 194(1): 49-60.

Gupta YK, Lee TH, Edwards TA, Escalante CR, Kadyrova LY, Wharton RP, Aggarwal AK. Co-occupancy of two Pumilio molecules on a single hunchback NRE. RNA 2009 Jun; 15(6): 1029-35.

Gupta YK, Nair DT, Wharton RP, Aggarwal AK. Structures of human Pumilio with noncognate RNAs reveal molecular mechanisms for binding promiscuity. Structure 2008 Apr; 16(4): 549-57.

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