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Zimri Yaseen

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  • Psychiatry, American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology


  • MD, Sackler School of Medicine (NY)

  • Internship, Psychiatry
    Beth Israel Medical Center

  • Residency, Psychiatry
    Beth Israel Medical Center

  • Fellowship, Psychiatry Research
    Beth Israel Medical Center


    Zimri Yaseen, MD, joined as an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry in the role of attending psychiatrist at the Zirinsky Family Center for Bipolar Disorders in July 2015.

    Dr. Yaseen graduated from the University of Chicago with a BA in Mathematics and Philosophy, then received his MD from the Sackler School of Medicine at Tel Aviv University. He completed both his general psychiatry residency and an ECRIP research fellowship at Mount Sinai Beth Israel. His research has focused on suicide and attachment and he has trained in relational therapy.


  • 2013 -
    APA-Lilly Resident Research Award

  • 2012 -
    Second Place
    Beth Israel Alumni Scientific Essay Contest

  • 2011 -
    3rd Place
    NY State Psychiatric Assn. Member in Training Scientific Paper Competition

  • 2011 -
    Cynthia Horner, MD Award
    Beth Israel Medical Center

  • 2009 -
    1st Place
    American Psychiatric Assn. NY County District Branch Resident Research Award


Behavior, Depression

My research focuses on suicide and attachment, including relational factor in suicide risk and treatment.


Yaseen ZS, Zhang X, Muran JC, Winston A, Galynker II. Comparison of Brain Activity Correlating with Self-Report versus Narrative Attachment Measures during Conscious Appraisal of an Attachment Figure. Frontiers in human neuroscience 2016; 10.

Galynker I, Yaseen ZS, Briggs J, Hayashi F. Attitudes of acceptability and lack of condemnation toward suicide may be predictive of post-discharge suicide attempts. BMC psychiatry 2015; 15.

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Bassirnia A, Briggs J, Kopeykina I, Mednick A, Yaseen Z, Galynker I. Relationship between personality traits and perceived internalized stigma in bipolar patients and their treatment partners. Psychiatry research 2015 Dec; 230(2).

McClure D, Greenman SC, Koppolu SS, Varvara M, Yaseen ZS, Galynker II. A Pilot Study of Safety and Efficacy of Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation in Treatment of Bipolar II Depression. The Journal of nervous and mental disease 2015 Nov; 203(11).

Colón Vilar G, Concepción E, Galynker I, Tanis T, Ardalan F, Yaseen Z, Cohen LJ. Assessment of Sexual Fantasies in Psychiatric Inpatients With Mood and Psychotic Disorders and Comorbid Personality Disorder Traits. The journal of sexual medicine 2016 Feb; 13(2).

Galynker II, Yaseen ZS, Koppolu SS, Vaughan B, Szklarska-Imiolek M, Cohen LJ, Salvanti TM, Kim HJ. Increased sleep duration precedes the improvement of other symptom domains during the treatment of acute mania: a retrospective chart review. BMC psychiatry 2016; 16(1).

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Yaseen ZS, Gilmer E, Modi J, Cohen LJ, Galynker II. Emergency room validation of the revised Suicide Trigger Scale (STS-3): a measure of a hypothesized suicide trigger state. PloS one 2012; 7(9).

Yaseen ZS, Chartrand H, Mojtabai R, Bolton J, Galynker II. Fear of dying in panic attacks predicts suicide attempt in comorbid depressive illness: prospective evidence from the National Epidemiological Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions. Depression and anxiety 2013 Oct; 30(10).

Yaseen ZS, Briggs J, Kopeykina I, Orchard KM, Silberlicht J, Bhingradia H, Galynker II. Distinctive emotional responses of clinicians to suicide-attempting patients--a comparative study. BMC psychiatry 2013; 13.

Rappaport LM, Moskowitz DS, Galynker I, Yaseen ZS. Panic symptom clusters differentially predict suicide ideation and attempt. Comprehensive psychiatry 2014 May; 55(4).

Yaseen ZS, Kopeykina I, Gutkovich Z, Bassirnia A, Cohen LJ, Galynker II. Predictive validity of the Suicide Trigger Scale (STS-3) for post-discharge suicide attempt in high-risk psychiatric inpatients. PloS one 2014; 9(1).

Yaseen ZS, Fisher K, Morales E, Galynker II. Love and suicide: the structure of the Affective Intensity Rating Scale (AIRS) and its relation to suicidal behavior. PloS one 2012; 7(8).

Galynker II, Yaseen ZS, Katz C, Zhang X, Jennings-Donovan G, Dashnaw S, Hirsch J, Mayberg H, Cohen LJ, Winston A. Distinct but overlapping neural networks subserve depression and insecure attachment. Social cognitive and affective neuroscience 2012 Nov; 7(8).

Zhang X, Yaseen ZS, Galynker II, Hirsch J, Winston A. Can depression be diagnosed by response to mother's face? A personalized attachment-based paradigm for diagnostic fMRI. PloS one 2011; 6(12).

Katz C, Yaseen ZS, Mojtabai R, Cohen LJ, Galynker II. Panic as an independent risk factor for suicide attempt in depressive illness: findings from the National Epidemiological Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions (NESARC). The Journal of clinical psychiatry 2011 Dec; 72(12).

Yaseen Z, Katz C, Johnson MS, Eisenberg D, Cohen LJ, Galynker II. Construct development: The Suicide Trigger Scale (STS-2), a measure of a hypothesized suicide trigger state. BMC psychiatry 2010; 10.

Zeng R, Cohen LJ, Tanis T, Qizilbash A, Lopatyuk Y, Yaseen ZS, Galynker I. Assessing the contribution of borderline personality disorder and features to suicide risk in psychiatric inpatients with bipolar disorder, major depression and schizoaffective disorder. Psychiatry research 2015 Mar; 226(1).

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