Addiction Institute at Mount Sinai

About Us

Services of the Addiction Institute at Mount Sinai span throughout New York City within clinics associated with Mount Sinai St. Luke's, Mount Sinai WestMount Sinai Beth Israel, and The Mount Sinai Hospital. The Institute offers a wide range of treatments augmented by research into emerging therapies. We integrate our extensive clinical expertise with scientific advances in the field of addictive disorders to provide personalized treatments to meet the needs of individual patients. Our highly skilled and compassionate staff provides comprehensive and outstanding services to empower individuals to improve their lives.

Addiction is one of the most complex and costly neuropsychiatric disorders. Over 40 million Americans are diagnosed with a substance use disorder. This number far exceeds that of other medical burdens faced by Americans (e.g, heart conditions, 27 million; diabetes, 26 million; cancer 19 million). Those facts, in addition to the substantial morbidity and mortality associated with addiction emphasize the critical and urgent need to prevent and treat substance use disorders.

  • Addiction impacts every community and population
  • Individual factors (e.g., genetics, environmental insults, trauma, age of first exposure, disease co-morbidity) influences addiction risk and treatment response
  • Addiction is a treatable disease
  • Science-based medicine is essential for developing novel treatments

The core mission of AIMS is to improve patient care through enhanced integrated research across multiple disciplines. A key focus of our translational research efforts is to expand insights about human biology and population health among individuals with addiction disorders, and to develop novel treatment interventions grounded on sound scientific evidence.

AIMS closes the gap between Science and Clinical Care

 AIMS serves as the hub integrating addiction-related disorders across multiple departments and divisions at the Icahn School of Medicine and within the Mount Sinai Behavioral Health System: 

Transforming the lives of our patients, their families and communities through excellent clinical care supported by science-based medicine and advanced state-of-the-art research

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