Arnhold Institute for Global Health

Training & Workforce

The Training and Workforce Team at The Arnhold Institute for Global Health, directed by Natalie Privett, PhD, is dedicated to equipping and activating global health change agents. Through a competency-based approach, the Training and Workforce team offers innovative programs that engage Mount Sinai trainees in transformative learning, immersion, empowerment, and network programs. These programs offer opportunities for trainees to engage in global health locally and abroad, preparing them with essential insights about health systems, as well as a strong network of global health peers.

Transformative Learning

The Arnhold Institute offers a suite of programs that provide skills and knowledge that are foundational to systems change. Through a transformative learning framework developed by The Lancet Commission on the Education of Health Professionals for the 21st Century, trainees are encouraged to cultivate leadership skills through analysis and synthesis of information, achieve core competencies for effective teamwork in health systems, and creatively adapt global resources to address local priorities.


The Arnhold Institute offers immersion programs that engage trainees in experiences where they can apply and practice the competencies gained through transformative learning programs. These include local experiences in East Harlem, as well as international experiences at summer research field sites.


The Arnhold Institute provides trainees with exposure to proven global health change agents and professional growth opportunities through our empowerment programs. This includes the Big Ideas in Global Health Speaker Series, which highlights global health professionals monthly who model change agent capacity in their careers.


To provide relationships that sustain trainees’ commitments to global health and help them refine their change agent competencies, The Arnhold Institute supports networks of both medical students and residents. Through these networks, trainees can connect with like-minded peers and faculty, and engage in collective learning processes.

More Information

For more information, please contact the Training and Workforce Team by emailing Education Program Manager, Alyssa Smaldino.

The Arnhold Institute for Global Health provides awards for first-year medical students to participate in a summer research project at one of the institute’s Global Health partner sites. These summer experiences entail 8 to 10 weeks of field work during which students collaborate with the local partner organization to complete a scholarly project. Projects could include the design, implementation, or evaluation of a public health program, a quality improvement study for a healthcare delivery system, or a health needs assessment in a partner community. Students selected for the summer program will be matched with a research mentor at Mount Sinai and will work over the winter and spring to design their research in collaboration with their field-partner organization. Students undertaking global health summer projects will receive funding for travel, accommodations, and project-related expenses.

Nurse taking blood pressure of a local man in an outside setting

The Arnhold Institute for Global Health envisions a future where every individual has the same opportunity for health in every community across the globe. Yet, people remain plagued by dysfunctional and inequitable health systems in all corners of the world. Global health change agents are needed to undertake purposeful, transformative action that contributes to an equitable, healthy future. The Big Ideas in Global Health Speaker Series is a monthly series that highlights individuals who model such actions through their careers, shedding light on essential lessons for Mount Sinai trainees, staff, faculty and friends who seek to achieve global health impact.


The Arnhold Institute for Global Health engages Mount Sinai trainees in transformative learning programs that equip them with competencies needed for a career as global health change agents. These programs also prepare trainees for global health immersion experiences, project implementation and leadership in global health.