Caregiver's Program

Our Caregivers Program workshops provide caregivers or paid home care workers with techniques to cope with their caregiving role, ways to optimize their interaction with their family member, reduce their own stress, and build support networks.

Additionally, patients with Alzheimer’s disease often have difficulty finding meaningful activities to occupy their days. The Caregivers Program workshops include exploring ways of dealing with this issue. Each workshop lasts one and a half hours, and every participant receives the Caregivers Program Manual. The program also is offered over the telephone in a conference call format.

Workshop 1
Understanding the nature, cause, symptoms, and treatment options associated with memory disorders

Workshop 2
Managing the communication and behavior changes associated with memory disorders

Workshop 3
Coping with the caregiving role: time and stress management techniques

Workshop 4
Resources available for people with memory problems and their caregivers


Response to the Program

We have received positive feedback with regard to our Caregivers workshops. Past participants of the program have remarked:

"We all learned so many new things from the Caregivers Program such as: the changes associated with a dementia and how to break activities down into different tasks, how to plan for the future. As a caregiver, I learned how to support my mother, to understand her reality, and respect her efforts in trying to be independent."

"It was comforting, and calming, to discuss problems with others in the same boat, and to be made aware of some practical solutions to help solve them."

Who to Contact

If you have questions about the program, or are interested in signing up, contact the Director, Elizabeth Fine, LCSW, at (212) 659-9230.

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