Efficacy of Simultaneous Intraparenchymal and Ventricular Intracranial Pressure Monitoring at the Same Site

ID Number 02-0173

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Jamie S. Ullman

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The purpose of this study is to see whether specific methods of measuring brain pressures are accurate when used at the same time. A ventriculostomy, measures the brain pressure from a bedside transducer. When the ventriculostomy is allowed to drain, the measured brain pressure, or intracranial pressure (ICP) is lower because it drains into a bag outside of the patient. Upon closing the tube to drainage, a special waveform noted on the bedside monitors indicates the accurate brain pressure. Another ICP monitor contains a built-in transducer attached to a thin, flexible wire. This wire measures pressure within the brain tissue itself and does not drain fluid and does not require special manipulation. By placing the monitor in the brain alongside the tube, the wire will not be subject to the same forces during drainage and will give an accurate reading of the ICP while the ventriculostomy is unable to give us an accurate measurement of ICP. This would enable us to know if there are ongoing problems resulting in high brain pressure, even while draining CSF. The purpose of the study is to measure brain and ventricular pressures at the same time in order to see if the measurements correspond and are accurate.

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Ullman, Jamie S.
(718) 334-2761

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