Exacerbation Recovery Study

ID Number 04-0174

Principal Investigator(s)
Stephen Krieger

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This is a standard-of-care observational study, which means we follow patients who are receiving treatment for their MS exacerbation with three to five days of IV steroids, according to our standard practice. The study entails having a comprehensive neurological examination on each day of steroid treatment at the MS Center, and one follow-up examination one month later. Participation lasts approximately one month. With this study we intend to answer the questions "How long will the steroids take to work?" and "Are these new symptoms likely to completely recover?" Patients who experience an exacerbation of an MS symptom, also known as an MS "attack" or "relapse," may qualify for enrollment in this research study. 

Contact Information
Colleen K. Farrell CCRC
(212) 241-3048

Recruiting Patients: No