Intranasal Oxytocin on Social Cognition in Healthy Humans

ID Number 07-0327-00002

Principal Investigator(s)
Jennifer A Bartz

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Research Entity
The Seaver Autism Center for Research and Treatment


The purpose of this study is to learn whether or not the drug called Oxytocin is helpful in improving social cognition.  The effectiveness of medications like Oxytocin (Syntocinon) on social cognition has not been formally studied even though these medications are used for other purposes in Europe (where it is approved for facilitating lactation).  The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not approved the use of Oxytocin when it is administered through a nasal spray; however, Oxytocin is approved when administered from a needle directly into a vein. The FDA has not approved Oxytocin for the use of improving social cognition. Participants in this study are healthy adults between 18-45 years of age. 

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Jessica Zweifach
(212) 241-2826

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