Efficacy of Intra-v.extra-articular Cortiscosteroid Injections

ID Number 08-0463

Principal Investigator(s)
James N Gladstone

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Our hypothesis is that intra-articular corticosteroid injection into the radiocapitellar joint is more effective in the treatment and management of tennis elbow than extra-articular injections into the symptomatically tender region of the common extensor origin. The specific aims are: (1) create a diagnostic scoring system using validated measurements of elbow disability and forearm/wrist pain (such as pain free grip strength, extensor weight strength, function scoring, etc.); (2) to analyze the effects of intra-articular corticosteroid injection versus extra-articular corticosteroid injection using the diagnostic scoring system designed in aim 1; (3) to determine which treatment results in the most rapid and complete recovery of elbow and forearm function.

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Amy Romanoff
(212) 241-1678

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