Post FDA approval Validation of the Final Configuration of the CT750 HD High Definition Computed Tomography Scanner

ID Number 08-0610

Principal Investigator(s)
Thomas P Naidich

Department(s) or Division(s)


The purpose of this study is to test an FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved High Definition CT (High Definition Computed Tomography-HDCT) scanner. We will assist in the validation of the new scanner in a routine clinical practice. When we say validation, we mean that we are making different adjustments while imaging so we can achieve the best quality images from this scanner. Patients may qualify for participation in this study if they have been referred to the department of Radiology to have a clinical CT scan as part of their standard of care.

Contact Information
Lena Marra
(212) 241-9369

Edylin Bautista
(212) 241-2209

Elana Pessin
(212) 241-1457

Recruiting Patients: Yes