A 24- Week Study of the Efficacy and Safety of Teduglutide in Subjects with Parental Nutrition-Dependent Short Bowel Syndrome CL0600-020

ID Number 09-2043

Principal Investigator(s)
Kishore R Iyer
Ageliki G Vouyouka

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The purpose of this study is to see if an investigational drug called teduglutide is effective and safe. Teduglutide is similar to a protein the body makes. When people have SBS, their bodies do not make enough of the protein, and they have trouble getting nutrients and fluids from the food they eat and drink. We want to see if teduglutide can help decrease the amount of PN (parenteral nutrition) needed because the body is doing a better job of taking up what it eats and drinks. Teduglutide is considered Investigational (experimental) because it has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of PN-dependent SBS (short bowel syndrome).

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Sreevidya Narayanappa
(212) 659-8045

Hannah Reimen
(212) 241-8250

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