Cognitive Training for Depression

ID Number 10-0645

Principal Investigator(s)
Brian Iacoviello

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Research has consistently shown that depressed individuals demonstrate a negative bias in how they perceive and process information.  This negative bias has been documented in several areas, including working memory, processing of information related to oneself, the causes and consequences that one attributes to life events, and ruminating on negative information.  Recent research indicates that cognitive training can be effective in enhancing cognitive processes such as working memory and control of attention.  Preliminary evidence is also beginning to suggest that cognitive training can have a positive effect on mood symptoms.  The current study seeks to investigate the effectiveness of a computerized training program to modify the negative bias in working memory in depressed participants. In this study we will look for effects on cognition such as negative cognitive styles, biases in working memory and rumination as well as improvements in depression symptoms.  Participants of the study receive compensation for their participation.

Contact Information
Brian Iacoviello
(212) 241-9336

Katie Huryk
(212) 241-3089

Recruiting Patients: Yes