WTC CHEST (Pulmonary Abnormalities, Diastolic Dysfunction, and World Trade Center Exposure: Implications for Diagnosis and Treatment)

ID Number 11-0618

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Mary A McLaughlin

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The proposed project will evaluate the effects of World Trade Center (WTC) exposure in WTC responders 10-13 years following the events of 9/11.  Prior studies have described persistent pulmonary function abnormalities in a significant portion of responders.  Our study seeks to examine the relationship between pulmonary function abnormalities and other markers of chronic cardiopulmonary disease and further elucidate the pathophysiologic effects of exposure to inhaled particulate matter (PM) on 9/11.  WTC responders who are currently enrolled in the Mount Sinai WTC Medical Monitoring and Treatment Program, New York, NY and are over the age of 39 years are eligible to participate. This study will provide critical information regarding risk of exposure to PM, risk factors for disease and potential for improvements in diagnosis and treatment. 

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Heather N. Beebe
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Cynara Maceda
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