A Prospective Multicenter Trial to Evaluate Adhesion Characteristics and Adhesiolysis-Related Complications of Barrier-Coated and Non-Barrier-Coated Intraperitoneal Mesh During Abdominal Re-Exploration After Prior Ventral Hernia Repair

ID Number 11-1059

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Brian Jacob

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The purpose of this study is to compare the effectiveness of different types of meshes that are used in hernia repairs, and to see how often they cause problems like pain or a hernia recurrence. In particular, the study looks to see if meshes that are coated with a barrier material can lead to better results in patients. This information will be used to guide surgeons on the most appropriate use of these mesh materials for surgical procedures on their patients.

Patients who may qualify for this study have previously undergone a ventral hernia repair with mesh reinforcement, and are being scheduled for a subsequent abdominal surgery during which there will be access to the mesh. The study requires the patient to fill out a brief survey before their abdominal procedure and at their first few follow-up visits with their surgeon.  During the surgery, some images and videos will be taken of the hernia defect and the mesh that was put in. Also, information such as the size of the mesh, the time of operation, etc. will be collected during the surgery and used for analysis.

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Erin Bresnahan
(212) 241-8250

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