Proof-of-Concept Safety Study of CPP-109 (Vigabatrin) for Treatment Refractory Tourette's Disorder

ID Number 12-0964

Principal Investigator(s)
Barbara Coffey

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The purpose of this study is 1) to explore the possibility that vigabatrin will reduce tics and 2) to obtain systematic data regarding dosing, safety, and tolerability of vigabatrin in young adults with treatment refractory Tourette's Disorder (TD). Currently, the only formally approved treatments for TD are haloperidol and pimozide, typical neuroleptic agents known to have significant and unwanted adverse (side) effects. Given the significant potential for adverse effects associated with the use of these agents, better tolerated and efficacious alternatives are needed.

Age range: 12-65 years old

Contact Information
Laura Ibanez
(212) 659-1676

Recruiting Patients: Yes