Spine Surgery Outcomes Research

ID Number 12-1317

Principal Investigator(s)
Arthur L Jenkins III

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This is a chart review designed to investigate the treatment outcomes within Dr. Jenkins' medical practice and we currently have several targeted subpopulations in the overall study population: Retrospectively we will be analyzing the outcomes of several sets of spine surgeries in Dr. Jenkins' clinical practice including lumbar fusions cervical fusions and cervical discectomies (anterior and posterior) and motion sparing procedures like cervical laminoplasty. Factors of interest include quality of life patient satisfaction pain neurologic morbidity mortality. We will compare findings with historical controls. Retrospectively we wish to track those patients who have tandem stenosis (stenosis in the lumbar spine as well as in either the cervical or thoracic spines) and look at the response to treatment of the symptoms from the lumbar spine when we first treat the proximal (cervical or thoracic) spine (because spinal cord compression is more urgently treated than lumbar cauda equina compression). We hypothesize that about 50% of patients with tandem stenosis have at least transient resolution of the lumbar symptoms upon treatment of either cervical or thoracic stenosis but we would like to quantify the actual response rate in both the short term (first three months after initial surgical treatment) as well as long term (up to two years or more after initial surgical treatment) as well as which clinical factors predict response rate.

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Ashley Friend
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