Framing Eighteen Coils in Cerebral Aneurysm Trial (FEAT)

ID Number 14-2045

Principal Investigator(s)
Johanna T Fifi

Department(s) or Division(s)


FEAT will be a prospective, randomized trial comparing the utilization of 0.014-0.0155" coils versus smaller diameter coils in mid-sized aneurysm treatment. The 0.014-0.0155" bare platinum coils (Stryker, Natick, MA) are FDA-approved and in common use at institutions in this country and across the world. Patients will be enrolled who meet the inclusion criteria and consent to participate. Patients will be randomly assigned by a central web-based system in a 1:1 manner to either the framing coil treatment or the non-framing coil treatment. Data on each patient will be collected at the time of enrollment and treatment, and at first and second follow-up visits.

Contact Information
Ashley Friend
(212) 241-2376

Recruiting Patients: Yes