The BARREL Study - Prospective Multi-Center Single-Arm Study of the Reverse Medical Barrel™ VRD for Adjunctive Treatment to Embolic Coils for Wide-neck, Intracranial, Bifurcating/Branching Aneurysms of Middle Cerebral and Basilar Arteries

ID Number 15-0081

Principal Investigator(s)
Johanna T Fifi

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The BARREL Study is a prospective multi-center, single-arm study of the Barrel Vascular Reconstruction Device (VRD). This study's purpose is to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of implanting the Barrel VRD in addition to the coiling treatment of a wide neck bifurcating aneurysm.

Contact Information
Rebecca Apruzzese
(212) 241-8349

Recruiting Patients: No