Multi-center Phase 2 Trial of Single-agent Amrubicin as second-line therapy in patients with Advanced/Metastatic Refractory Urothelial Carcinoma

ID Number 10-1341

Principal Investigator(s)
Matthew Galsky

Department(s) or Division(s)
Hematology and Medical Oncology

Research Entity
The Tisch Cancer Institute


The purpose of this study is to find out what effects (good and bad) amrubicin has on parients and their bladder (urothelial) cancer. 

Patients may qualify to take part in this research study, if they have been diagnosed as having advanced or metastatic bladder (urothelial) cancer that has progressed despite prior treatment with chemotherapy. There is no standard treatment approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for patients with bladder cancer that has progressed despite prior chemotherapy. This study is exploring a new chemotherapy drug called amrubicin. Amrubicin has been approved for use in Japan to treat lung cancer. Amrubicin has been studied in the United States and has been shown to shrink a variety of different types of cancer in clinical trials. Amrubicin has not previously been tested in patients with advanced bladder (urothelial) cancer. Amrubicin is not yet approved by the United States FDA.

Contact Information
Matthew Galsky
(212) 241-6756

Recruiting Patients: No