Phase I Study of Afatinib with Postoperative Radiation Therapy for Intermediate and High Risk Squamous Cancer of the Head and Neck (SCCHN)

ID Number 14-2067

Principal Investigator(s)
Richard Bakst

Department(s) or Division(s)
Hematology and Medical Oncology


This is a dose escalation trial.  The purpose of this study is to determine the safest dose of Afatinib when given in combination with Radiation therapy or in combination with Radiation Therapy and chemotherapy for head and neck cancer.  Afatinib is a drug that may stop cancer cells from growing abnormally.  This drug works by blocking multiple proteins known to play a role in the growth of cancer cells.  Information from laboratory research studies suggests that this drug may help to make head and neck cancer cells more sensitive to Radiation Therapy.

Contact Information
Dr. Richard Bakst
(212) 824-7309

Recruiting Patients: Yes