An Extension Protocol to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of Extended Use Treatment with OncoVEXGM-CSF for Eligible Patients Participating In Study 005/05

ID Number 11-1424

Principal Investigator(s)
Yvonne Saenger

Department(s) or Division(s)
Hematology and Medical Oncology


The purpose of this study is to learn about the safety and the risks of using OncoVEXGM-CSF or GM-CSF in patients who already received study treatment with OncoVEXGM-CSF in study 005/05 (GCO # 09-0245), and to see if extended study treatment with OncoVEXGM-CSF or GM-CSF can destroy melanoma tumors (cancerous growths on the skin) as it destroyed tumors in animal tests and in other human studies. This study may provide information on the usefulness of OncoVEXGM-CSF and GM-CSF as  future treatments for melanoma.  

You may qualify for participation in this study because you have participated in study 005/05, “A Randomized Phase 3 Clinical Trial to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of Treatment with OncoVEXGM-CSF Compared to Subcutaneously Administered GM-CSF in Melanoma Patients with Unresectable Stage IIIb, IIIc and IV Disease.”

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(212) 824-7308
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Recruiting Patients: No