ACNS0831, Phase III Randomized Trial of Post-Radiation Chemotherapy in Patients with\Newly Diagnosed Ependymoma Ages 1 to 21 years

ID Number 80-0066-00831

Principal Investigator(s)
Birte Wistinghausen

Department(s) or Division(s)
Hematology and Medical Oncology


Complete removal of the tumor is the best predictor of survival for patients with ependymoma. Previous experience has shown that when ependymoma is completely removed surgically and then treated with radiation therapy, 67% to 80% of patients are alive 5 years later. Complete removal of the tumor is more easily done if the tumor is located in the upper parts of the brain. Previous studies of cancer, including ependymoma, also show that tumors that have favorable-looking cells under a microscope are less likely to spread. It is also well-known that radiation therapy to the brain can affect growth and development, especially in very young children.  Since your tumor has been completely removed, was located in the upper part of the brain, and had cells that looked favorable under a microscope, you will not receive any treatment while on this study but you will be carefully observed.

Contact Information
Dr. Birte Wistinghausen
(212) 824-7309

Recruiting Patients: Yes