Home Based Assessment of Elderly at Risk/Cognitive Decline

ID Number 03-0423-00002

Principal Investigator(s)
Mary Sano

Department(s) or Division(s)

Research Entity
Alzheimer's Disease Research Center


The purpose of this study is to - 1. Establish the feasibility of the three in-house assessments methods—Mail in forms with live phone, automated telephone IVR technology, and computer-based kiosk assessment and validate them by comparing them to traditional evaluation instruments. 2. To evaluate the ability of the brief instruments proposed here to capture rate of change as an outcome for primary prevention trials. 3. To examine medication adherence as a performance based assessment of functional ability in all 3 methods. 

Secondary Objective(s) 1. To determine if more frequent assessments over shorter intervals can provide early and sensitive measurement of meaningful cognitive or other clinical change. 2. Examine if subject characteristics and clinical features determine the feasibility of the methods and the sensitivity of the instruments used to assess each domain. 3. To compare self-reported safety data with data collected at in person assessments at point of change and at the end of the study.

Contact Information
Priyanka Ghosh (MSSM)
(212) 241-1844 (MSSM)

Devin Bove (James J. Peters VA MC)
(718) 584-9000 ext. 5179 (VA)

Recruiting Patients: No