Computerized cognitive intervention in the oldest-old: A feasibility study

ID Number 09-2339

Principal Investigator(s)
Michal Schnaider-Beeri

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Cognitive training improves cognitive functioning in the young-old (YO; 60 to 84), yet has not been examined in the oldest-old (OO: 85 years of age and older).

This study will examine the effects of a computerized cognitive training program, CogniFit Personal Coachâ„¢, with a "classic" computerized games program, on cognitive functioning in cognitively healthy OO subjects. Participants will be assessed using a neuropsychological exam which includes tasks of memory and attention at the start of the study. Efficacy of the CogniFitâ„¢ and games programs will be assessed immediately following the training and four months after completing the training.

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Rebecca West
(212) 659-6503

Recruiting Patients: Yes