Imaging optic nerve function and pathology

ID Number 14-1395

Principal Investigator(s)
Junqian Xu

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The purpose of this magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) study is to take clear pictures of a patient's optic nerve to see how they are affected by glaucoma. We will take high-resolution pictures of the optic nerve using MRI to evaluate how patients see through their eyes. We will derive quantitative measures from these MRI pictures of their optic nerves to compare with those from eye examinations using optical imaging. In addition, we would like to know how reproducible these MRI derived measures are over one year and how these MRI derived measures differ on two different MRI scanners at different magnetic field strength. These non-invasive optic nerve MRI measures can help evaluate how doctors treat glaucoma with drugs and eye surgery, particularly for glaucoma patients in whom conventional optical imaging are not possible.

Patients may qualify to take part in this research study because they are glaucoma patients, who meet the study inclusion criterion, or healthy individuals.

Contact Information
Stephanie Thomas
(212) 824-7645

Recruiting Patients: Yes