Collaborations for Health Improvement in East Harlem : Project HEED (Help Educate to Eliminate Diabetes)

ID Number 05-0463

Principal Investigator(s)
Carol R Horowitz

Department(s) or Division(s)
Population Health Science and Policy


Sub-Investigator: Barbara Brenner, DrPH
Sub-Investigator: Guedy Arniella, LCSW
Sub-Investigator: Ellen Simon, DSW
Sub-Investigator: Judith Wylie Rosett, EdD
Sub-Investigator: Derek LeRoith, MD, PhD

Weight loss can prevent diabetes and eliminate racial and ethnic disparities in incident diabetes among overweight adults with pre-diabetes. However, proven effective interventions have not been sustained or disseminated in community settings. A community-academic partnership aims to employ community-based participatory research to conduct a randomized controlled trial to test the effectiveness of a culturally tailored, peer-led diabetes prevention intervention that promotes weight loss.

People who develop diabetes go through a period when they have "pre-diabetes". In clinical settings, overweight adults with pre-diabetes who reduce their weight by 5-10% can reduce their risk of developing diabetes by 55-60%. To date, there are no studies testing the effectiveness of peer-led, community-based programs in achieving diabetes prevention through weight loss.

We will identify and enroll 400 overweight (BMI > 25) adults with pre-diabetes in East Harlem and randomize half into a community-based, peer-led lifestyle education program that teaches simple ways to lose weight.

Sponsor: Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Collaborating institutions: Institute for Family Health, Union Settlement Association, Albert Einstein College

Contact Information
Euny Lee, MS
(212) 659-9186

Carol Horowitz
(212) 659-9567

Recruiting Patients: No