Integrated Screening Core

The Integrated Screening Core (ISC) at the Icahn School of Medicine is a multi-user facility specializing in the development and execution of high-throughput (HT) screens.  High-throughput screening provides an unbiased approach to identifying genes and small molecules that regulate critical pathways in cell physiology.  The ISC serves researchers at the Icahn School of Medicine and other institutions, offering access to the automated liquid handling, assay detection and database/informatics tools needed for both high-throughput and high-content screens.  These tools can be used to screen ISC-curated siRNA and small molecule libraries in both cell-based and cell-free assays.

In many cases, bench-top assays developed in the laboratory setting have the potential to serve as the basis for a HT screen.  However, the cost, technical resources and expertise required for converting small-scale assays to HT screens are often prohibitive for individual laboratories.  In addition to technical resources, the ISC provides the expertise required to help translate Mount Sinai researcher’s intimate understanding of their particular biological question into a functional, productive screen.  The ISC staff also helps screeners reduce costs through the optimization of assay design and by negotiating discounts that are available from vendors as a result of high-volume purchases.

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Last Update:  May 12, 2014

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