A central coordinating site for schizophrenia research is the Conte Center in White Matter Abnormalities in Schizophrenia. The focus of the Conte Center is based on the central hypothesis that white matter abnormalities, in particular oligodendrocytes and myelin abnormalities, underlie or contribute to the origin and course of schizophrenia.

Our hypothesis has been consistently supported by our research results and those of outside labs using different patient cohorts. The Conte Center uses clinical studies, genetics, postmortem gene expression and neuropathological studies, imaging, and mouse models to develop this novel hypothesis, and collaborates with other groups at Mount Sinai to fulfill its research mission.


Joseph Buxbaum, MSc, PhD (Psychiatry)
William Byne, MD (Psychiatry)
Eran Chemerinski, MD (Psychiatry)
Michelle Ehrlich, MD (Neurology)
Jin Fan, PhD (Psychiatry)
Joe Friedman, MD (Psychiatry)
Vahram Haroutunian, PhD (Psychiatry)
Erin Hazlett, PhD (Psychiatry)
Patrick Hof, MD (Neuroscience)
Javier Gonzalez-Maseo, PhD (Neurology)
Takeshi Sakurai, MD, PhD (Psychiatry)
Stuart Sealfon, MD (Neurology)
Larry Siever, MD (Psychiatry)
Jeremy Silverman, PhD (Psychiatry)
Cheuk Tang, PhD (Radiology)