Center of Excellence on Brain Aging

Glickenhaus Center for Successful Aging

The Center of Excellence on Brain Aging is the home of The Glickenhaus Center for Successful Aging, an innovative multidisciplinary research program focused on age-related alterations in brain function and on developing means of ensuring an individual’s optimal cognitive capabilities during aging.

The Center of Excellence on Brain Aging is also the home for The Alfred B. and Gudrun J. Kastor Neurobiology of Aging Laboratories, established in 1996.

Major scientific goals of the Glickenhaus Center and Kastor Laboratories include the elucidation of the anatomic/pathologic, cellular, and functional changes in brain aging; their mechanisms; and their behavioral consequences. The ultimate goal of such research is to develop interventions to enhance brain function at increasingly older ages.

The Laboratories also are actively involved in the study of age-related brain diseases such as Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease, which are prevalent in the aging community. Particular domains of interest are the basis for age-related memory deficits and hormone-brain interactions in aging.

Problems with memory constitute the most common complaint of elderly individuals, and menopause is associated with a decline in cognitive function that may be attributable to the effects of the post-menopausal depletion of estrogen on the brain. To study these issues, the laboratories use a multidisciplinary approach in the human brain and animal models.

The interactive and translational research efforts of Mount Sinai’s scientists pursue the key molecular and structural events that render brain cells susceptible to functional decline so that therapeutic strategies can be developed to protect them. Under Dr. Patrick Hof’s leadership, the Center of Excellence on Brain Aging will continue to build collaborations and research programs across the institution with an emphasis on age-related brain conditions that affect quality of life, and on the development of preventive strategies to promote successful aging.

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