Global Health Delivery and Implementation Research

The May/June 2011 issue of the Mount Sinai Journal of Medicine focuses on global health and features editorial contributions from members of Mount Sinai Global Health.

New York, NY
 – May 1, 2011 /Press Release/  –– 

The Mount Sinai Journal of Medicine’s May/June 2011 issue focuses on the theme of global health delivery and implementation by bringing together world-renowned experts in global health, including many from Mount Sinai Global Health.

Dr. Rajesh Vedanthan, Assistant Professor of Cardiology at Mount Sinai, introduces the theme with “Global Health Delivery and Implementation Research: A New Frontier for Global Health” [PDF].

The issue concludes with “New Academic Partnerships in Global Health: Innovations at Mount Sinai School of Medicine” [PDF] by Dr. Philip Landrigan, Dean for Global Health, which describes Mount Sinai’s response to global health’s increased prominence in academia over the last decade. The article was co-authored by the following members of Mount Sinai Global Health: Jonathan Ripp, MD, MPH, Ramon J.C. Murphy, MD, MPH, Luz Claudio, PhD, Jennier Jao, MD, MPH, Braden Hexom, MD, Harrison G. Bloom MD, Taraneh Shirazian, MD, Ebby Elahi, MD, FACS as well as Jeffrey P. Koplan, MD, MPH of Emory University.