Patient Care

With the goal of bringing high-quality medical care to the world’s most underserved populations, The Arnhold Global Health Institute is working with the World Health Organization, health and environmental ministries, and non-governmental organizations to build public health capacity in selected countries where we are educating doctors, nurses, and other health care providers about key developments in modern medicine and public health, thus enabling them to provide better care to their patients and communities and to educate their peers and colleagues. This work builds on Mount Sinai’s many years of experience in building professional capabilities in Latin America within the areas of environmental and occupational health, HIV/AIDS, and other infectious diseases.

Our partnerships also include developing select, multi-year partnerships with medical and public health institutions to which we can send our students and faculty. These same institutions are being encouraged to send students and faculty to Mount Sinai for advanced training – giving local doctors the training and tools to build professional capacity in their communities.

The Arnhold Global Health Institute has built programs and partnerships for health around the world including:

  • Bangladesh [PDF]: Providing primary pediatric and obstetrical care to river villages from a hospital boat in
  • Bolivia: Documenting the health benefits of safe drinking water
  • Brazil: Defining the spread of new viral infections in the Amazon jungle
  • Cameroon: Preventing spread of HIV/AIDS in childbirth
  • Honduras [PDF]
  • Liberia [PDF]: Providing physician training and hospital care
  • Mongolia: Removing cataracts
  • Uganda: Preventing and treating lead poisoning

We’ve also helped to prevent the spread of heart disease, obesity and diabetes in the rapidly growing new mega-cities of the developing world; and trained the next generation of leaders in global health within Mount Sinai and in sister institutions in Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil.