Maternal and Child Health

Pediatricians in the Global Health Training Center (GHTC) have taken the lead in maternal and child health programs within Mount Sinai Global Health. This work began in East Harlem based on the recognition that concepts of global health apply also to Mount Sinai’s own neighboring, often underserved communities. The first project was a community-based school clinic created in partnership with the Children’s Aid Society that addressed the medical needs as well as the emotional health and dental health of East Harlem children.

GHTC staff has also been involved in international research and public health projects dealing with:

  • Pediatric lead poisoning in Uganda
  • Pediatric nutrition in Sri Lanka
  • Adolescent anemia and newborn mortality in India
  • HIV peer education in rural Tanzania and Uganda
  • Neonatal care, malnutrition and pediatric HIV, and pediatric clinical training in Liberia
  • Prevalence and prevention of STDs and sexual health education for health workers in Bangladesh
  • Metabolic complications in HIV-infected pregnant women and their children
  • Kidney disease in HIV-infected adults in Africa
  • Developmental assessment evaluation of social barriers to care of HIV positive orphans in Viet Nam and Ethiopia and the training of community health workers to prevent childhood mortality from malaria, pneumonia and diarrhea in Mozambique