Mount Sinai’s Global Health faculty, students, and residents partner with Virtue Foundation, Surgical Eye Expeditions and other organizations to provide vital eye care to underserved patients as well as clinical training to local staff and physicians in developing countries across the globe. These include countries such as Liberia, Tonga and Cambodia.

Since 2009, Mount Sinai medical faculty, students, and residents have performed several hundred ocular and oculoplastic procedures during teaching surgical missions at the First Hospital of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. In addition to surgical procedures, the local health department organized several city wide didactic sessions.

The Mount Sinai surgical team was struck by Mongolia’s lack of basic medical equipment and infrastructure and need for advanced surgical care. With the assistance and coordination of Mount Sinai medical student volunteers, the team responded by procuring nearly $50,000 of medical and surgical equipment to support local staff and provide necessary medical care in the country.

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A Mount Sinai surgical team, sponsored by the Virtue Foundation, travels to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia to provide eye care and perform ocular and oculoplastic procedures.
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